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Not sure what the problem is? Bring your phone in for a free evaluation. If you decide not to have your device serviced, there is no charge!

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Tempered Glass Protection

Looking for another layer of protection for your phone? We can install a layer of tempered glass that acts as a barrier between your phone and everything else. The idea here is that this glass protector that lies on top of your screen damages upon impact instead of your phone itself. Replacing the tempered glass is a fraction of the cost of repairing the actual screen.

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30 Day Warranty

All services come with a 30 day guarantee from defects. Repairs are done carefully and promptly and tested after completion.

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Unlock Your Phone

Certain handsets can be unlocked to be used with other carriers. This allows you to change your network without changing your phone! Call or come by to find out if your device qualifies. Please note that any device that has been reported lost/stolen or has an unpaid balance will not work even if unlocked. If the code comes back not found we will refund your money.

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Don’t Worry, We Can Fix It!

  • Broken Charge Port
  • Not Charging or Holding Charge
  • Keypad Not Functioning
  • Liquid Damage
  • Damaged Housing / Casing
  • Recover Lock Code
  • Recover Security Code
  • Phone Unlocking (even the new iPhone!)
  • Cracked LCD Screen
  • No Display or White Display
  • Touch Screen Not Working
  • No Sound or No Ringer
  • Microphone
  • Stuck on Logo, Won’t Startup, Looping
  • Data Shortage Repair
  • Phone Contact information Transfers


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Unlock Codes
Network Unlock Codes